Rabbi Barth has served for decades in the development and education of the next generation of rabbis.  He has been a teacher and administrator at three different rabbinical schools.  He has served in the congregational rabbinate as full time rabbi and as a consulting rabbi in places as  diverse as Westchester, NY, Austin, TX, Park Slope in Brooklyn and Gloucester, MA.Rabbi Barth has a strong commitment to Interfaith work and has been involved with many programs that bring people of different faiths together.  



Bio of Rabbi Barth


Rabbi, Scholar, Lecturer, Consultant



Rabbi Barth was born in Israel and raised in London. He did his undergraduate work at Sussex College where he majored in Mathmatical Physics. He was ordained at the Leo Baeck College in London.  He expects to receive his Doctorate in Liturgy in 2011 from the New York Theological Seminary. 

Rabbi Barth has been married to Karen Barth for 20 years.  They have two children, Yishai and Miriam. He is an avid reader of Jewish books and Sci-Fi.  He loves  travel, white water kayaking, karate, and is known to be a fairly good cook.

His primary interest is in Liturgy and Jewish ritual.  He is deeply connected to Israel and is interested in helping young people connect to their heritage and to Israe